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Identifying Original American Fostoria Creamers

Here is a photo of three of my “Fostoria” creamers.  But only one of them is genuine.  Can you tell which one it is? Creamer “A” is my most recent purchase.  For a long time, I owned only “B” and … Continue reading

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A Record from Santa Claus

Santa must have read my post “Colorful 78 “Shellac” Records” because he decided to leave me another colored shellac record under the tree.  This one is in great shape, too! 🙂 Record: Vocalion 14834, Ben Selvin. Of course, I worry that … Continue reading

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The Curse of Sealed Christmas Records

But a mere 5 minutes after I posted my last blog entry, I came across another sealed Christmas record in my collection.  Obviously, I need to take the time to go through my 33.3 records and see what I really … Continue reading

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Sorry, Honey. The Record is Sealed

It’s mid-December and time to listen to Christmas music!  So this afternoon I pulled out a few of my vintage 33.3 vinyl Christmas albums, including Bing Crosby, Mitch Miller and Elvis.  The album pictured below was one of them, too. … Continue reading

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Colorful 78 “Shellac” Records

Here you can see a photo of my one-and-only colored shellac record.  Not only is it colorful, but zoom in and look!  It is Ukelele Ike!  I love that! (NOTE: People misspell “Ukelele” Ike all the time on the Internet.  … Continue reading

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Record: “We’re Gonna Have To Slap, The Dirty Little Jap” (Lyrics)

Today, I ran across this incredibly POLITICALLY INCORRECT record at an antique store in Walnut, Iowa. It was free because it had a chip in it. (Click on a picture to enlarge and read the labels.) I was very curious, … Continue reading

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Colorful Children’s Jack and Jill Record

This is a 6 ½ inch cardboard record with colorful images on both sides.  It appears to have first been laminated with a hard clear plastic and then afterward had a record cut into it. I found this record at … Continue reading

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