Prices for Edison Records

I experienced sticker shock today when I visited a large antique mall in Gretna, Nebraska.  The prices for old records at this mall were all much higher than I am accustomed to.  I even accidentally laughed out loud at one of the prices ($125 for an average album containing an average collection of old 78’s).  I could tell you several stories about today’s price discoveries, but I will limit my blogging to just the Edisons.

edisons-looseedisons in jackets

Edisons are really easy to spot.  They are the extra thick discs with either a molded black label or a white paper label, as shown above.  I never paid more than $5.50 for any of my Edisons.

The Edisons in this antique mall were my first big price-surprise.  I noticed two sitting behind glass that were marked $9.99.  I had to look twice.  Really?  They even looked a little chipped.

On the other side of the store, I found an unprotected Edison with a molded label jammed into a brass record stand.  It had been shoved tightly between two wires, which looked like they had been bent in the process of inserting the Edison.  The record squealed against the wires as I gently removed it from the rack.  The edges were chipped, and of course it was scratched.  It was marked $9. I set it down.  Gretna is not aligned with other cities.  That is all there is to it.

Just for the record, below are a random sampling of prices that I paid for Edisons lately, along with some photos.

Photo below:
Bought: 17-Nov-13
Paid: $1.00 (due to big scratches)
Comment: A few big scratches, but the molded label looks awesome.
Where:  Antique Mall, Idaho Falls
Label type: molded – shields on both sides
Number: 80216 (on edge)
Artist: E. Grieg


Photo below:
Bought: 17-Nov-13
Paid: $4.00
Where:  Antique Mall, Idaho Falls
Label type: molded – no shields on either side
Number: 80518
Artist: American Symphony Orchestra


Photo Below:
Bought: 26-Oct-13
Paid: $5.50
Where:  St. Joseph, Missouri
Label type: molded – no shields on either side
Number: 50639
Artist: Betsy Lane Shepherd and Lewis James
Comment: The price sticker is still on it.  The label is not so good, but the record looks really playable….


Photo Below:
Bought: 28-Oct-13
Paid: $5.00
Where:  Montgomery, Alabama
Label type: Edison Re-Creation White Label (no red stars on either side)
Number: 80679
Artist: Losey’s Instrumental Quartet / Orchestra


Photo Below:
Bought: 26-Oct-13
Paid: $5.50
Where:  St. Joseph, Missouri
Label type: white “Edison Record” with two red stars
Number: 80772
Artist: Metropolitan Quartet


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One Response to Prices for Edison Records

  1. Update: Sunday in Walnut, Iowa, I found 2 Edison records: One for $4.00 and one for $6.00. The one for $6.00 was missing a label.

    If you do not know what I mean: According to other Internet writers, Edison labels will sometimes “fall off.” And when they “fall off,” really only the white paper falls off, leaving a very clean, paper-brown, waxy “sub-label” which apparently is firmly stuck to the disc.

    Although I had read about the phenomenon, and seen the Internet photos, up until Sunday, I had never actually seen a missing label in person. So… believe it or not… I spent six whole dollars just so I could own this one.

    Of course, now I am suspicious that one of my other Edison labels will fall off and that there was no need waste the money or storage space on this Edison.

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