Andy Senior – The Real Deal


Any of you who follow my blogging will know that Andy Senior (the radio DJ in Utica, NY), is the person that turned me on to collecting old records.  I just love his radio station “Radiola” on 365 Radio.  So when I planned my trip to New York, I contacted him to see if he would be willing to meet me and pose for a photograph.  He agreed!  So just this month, Dan and I met Andy and his wife for lunch in Utica!

I was thrilled to discover that Andy Senior really is the “real deal.” Not only is he genuinely likeable, but he is just as witty, knowledgeable, and kind-hearted in real life as he sounds on the radio.  To top off the experience, he surprised me by giving me a record from his collection: “Sweet Flossy Farmer”, Decca Label #5524.  Here is my earlier post about this recording. I have wanted it for a long time. I still can’t believe that Andy gave me this record! (Above is a photo of the two of us with the record.)


More about this record:

Label: Decca “The Supreme Record” (manufactured in England)
Number: 5524
Artist: Elsie Carlisle
A – Algernon Whifflesnoop John
B – Sweet Flossie Farmer (The lovely snake charmer)
Year: 1935

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