Fat Shaming in 1925 – 1950 (lyrics)

Below are lyrics to what is supposed to be a cute or funny song.  But I consider it to be a very sad song, because it is about a man who fell in love with an overweight woman, and he was happy with her size until he started comparing her to other women!


Here are the lyrics (as published in 1950) to the shameful song “O’ Katharina!”
NOTE: I believe that only the CHORUS is recorded on the 1925 version of the song.

A G.I. Joe from Rotterdam,
He took a girl from Amsterdam,
To be his bride —
And by his side —
They took the ride —
Her wooden shoes and flaxen hair
To him was glamor over there,

When they arrived
Down at the dock,
He got a shock,
His friends and relatives were there,
To greet his buxom beauty.
When he beheld the Yankee gals,
Compared them with his cutie,
Tho still in love,
He shook his head —
And to his babe he said:


To keep my love you must be leaner,
There’s so much of you
Two could love you,
Learn to swim,

Join a gym,
Eat farina

Unless you’re leaner
I’ll have to build a big arena,
You’re such a crowd
my Katharine
I got a lot when I got you!

About the original 1925 record:

Orchestra: International Novelty Orch
Vocal: Arthur Hall
Year recorded: 1925
Label: Victor
Number: 19586
Price I paid: Sorry, I don’t own this one!
Lyrics courtesy of http://www.vintageukemusic.com/ (recorded by Teddy Phillips 1950 on London Records)

Want to hear it? Here is a link to the 1925 Victor version, which does not have all of the lyrics. You can hear the chorus, though, and get an idea of the nature of the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBz3dz2UlPI

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