This blog ain’t got no moral.
This blog ain’t never final.
This blog is actually just some talk
About a box of vinyl.

(…And he was her man but he was doin’ her wrong with Nellie Bly)
– adapted from  1912 “Frankie and Johnny” by the Leighton Brothers and Ren Shields

Welcome to my box of records.  Here is where I chit chat about experiences, food, and records.  I actually focus a lot more on shellac (or “wax”) records than I do true vinyl. This blog is all peppered with comments about my travel, as I search for bargain records and other collectables!

Thanks to the Radiola radio show (which loops on Live 365 all the time), I recently took a liking to old music from the 20’s and 30’s.  I am an amateur record collector, so here in my blog you will read about old records from my “newbie” point of view.

To me, collecting records is sort of like collecting coins: they are a part of history, they each have a story of some kind, and the labels are usually beautiful.  I enjoy looking at them, talking about them, looking FOR them, and especially playing them on my record players.  😉

P.S. Yes, you guessed it: the black and white image in the header is a photo of me.

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