Wish List / Things I Want to Own

These are things I would like to add to my collection:

  1. “Let me call You Sweetheart” Harmony record label, 66-H “The Harmonians”
  2. GOT IT! — The Magic Mirror used with Raven Records
  3. “When It’s Night Time in Italy It’s Wednesday Over Here” (78 record on the Victor label 19205)
  4. A multicolored shellac record (or any color not brown or orange)
  5. An Actuelle Pathe record in good shape
  6. A Little Wonders Album
  7. American Fostoria dinner plates
  8. Fisher Price Little People toys from the 1960s and 1970s
  9. Battery operated yellow-ocher colored puppy toy from early 70’s
  10. Lots of Pfaltzgraff Naturewood.  We have recently decided to start collecting this set!
  11. 1982 Corvette (ah – why not…. this is a “wish list” after all!)

I will change this list as time goes by and things change 🙂

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